Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

One of the many pleasures we enjoy here at ESMÉ is spending time with the variety of lovely people who come through our shop. And at this time of the year, we get to hear about the variety of lovely ways people celebrate ‘this time of the year’. There is everything from the traditional sit-down turkey dinner with every single darn available relative at the table, to screw-turkey-we-are-doing-lazagna, to making all the pretty lights a thing to celebrate, just because.

Among other things, I personally like to celebrate that the days are now getting longer instead of shorter and that I get to hang with people I love and eat nice cheese and drink nice wine (a personal, highly excellent tradition). Happy Holidays from us here at ESMÉ and no matter what you celebrate, do it well. Celebrate your kind of beautiful.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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