What Is Your Beautiful?

What is Your Beautiful?

Both of my children have tattoos. In spite of my begging and pleading they just went ahead and did it anyway. I tried everything. I even pulled the long-hours-in-childbirth-and-labour-card. And do you know why they got them? Because they think that they are beautiful. Those dang tattoos are their kind of beautiful.

A friend of mine has a thing for her bangs. She likes to switch it up and dye them whatever colour lights her up at any given moment and you never know what colour is going to be radiating off her pretty little forehead. And do you know why she does it? Because it is her kind of beautiful.

What is your kind of beautiful and how can we be there/here for you? Are long and spiky green nails your thing?  Hell yes, we’ve got you covered. Does indulging your face light you up? Hell to the hell yes on that. Our waxing specialists are on fire (like, not literally) and ESMÉ Floral is up to our happy, gorgeously shaped brows in holiday greens and luscious, spectacular seasonal blooms.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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