Happy Fall!

Bye Geese

It is officially spring for me when I hear those first spring bird sounds; the robins trill and the geese honk and I know those brave birds came back.   It is officially fall for me when they start to get the hell out of Dodge and they are, indeed, getting the hell out of Dodge.

Fall is upon us so we get to wear cute boots, snugly sweaters and pretty scarves.  We have to make the most out of every single second because this is Calgary and fall can turn to winter (official or not) in a heartbeat.   Talk to us. We have a crazy array of fall colours for your nails and our ESMÉ Professionals are all fall-ready for brow looks, facial treats and any tweaks you may be in want of.

ESMÉ Floral is seasonally drooling over the extraordinary bounty we get to create with.  Our bouquets are causing smiles all over our fair city…

Happy Fall!

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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