Your Freaking Beautiful…

Soccer aka Keeper

My kids both played/still play soccer (among other things) and both of them played keeper (aka goalie), at one point (among other things).

This was remarkable to me.  They liked it.  They got excited.  They put on the gloves and hopped around with huge grins on their faces, getting ready.  Not me. Hell no.  If I (for some reason I cannot even begin to make up) found myself standing in a small space defined by a freaking net, and then someone (in a brightly colored shirt) aimed and then kicked a ball at me, I would duck, run like hell and then I would cry.  I would ask somebody to phone somebody.

To them, it was/is exciting.  It was/is exhilarating.  It was/is beautiful.

What about you?  What is your exciting? What is your exhilarating? What is your beautiful?

We are in the beautiful business.  YOUR freaking beautiful. Your FREAKING BEAUTIFUL.  What does that mean to you and how can we, here at ESMÉ, be a part of it?  Give us a call.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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