Make It Beautiful

Lake Jump

Just like that!  The August long weekend is upon us which means that there are twenty-three days left of this summer, which means there is still some bits-and-pieces-naked to be had.

If your toes could speak they would be reminding you of the months (not so far away) that they will spend in felt-lined boots. Shhhhh, listen. They would tell you that, while they can, they want sun, fresh air, open toe shoes and a pretty, pretty polish to show off with.  Remember parkas and your big honking-who-cares-what-it-looks-like-it-is-warm scarf?  Now, think neck naked, think face naked.  Think ESMÉ.   Our face/skin specialists are blowing it out of the water.

ESMÉ Floral is in a state of bliss with the August blooms at our fingertips.  We love these pre-fall days where the leaves can’t possibly get any greener.  It is the time to lean in and smell those roses.  Like, literally.

Seize these moments.  There is still time to get your lake jumping in.  So Jump.  Make a splash. Make it your kind of naked.  Make it beautiful.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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