Always Time To Begin…


There are two New Year’s Eve moments for me.

Despite the streamers and champagne, the January one can seem onerous and laden with responsibility.  Every freaking January, I am called to change somehow and to commit to make myself better somehow, though I am getting more and more convinced that it is ‘not a thing’ because better than what or whom and who freaking says??  Plus it is cold and dark outside.

The second one is September 1st.  It is such a new beginning time.  I am not in school anymore but it was for me when it was, and then for my kids when it is/was. September is a new grade, a new semester, a new beginning. It is new classes and new teachers; new friends, or the same ones an inch or two taller, or old ones finding their own drift.  It is new jeans, new hair; new coats, new now.  It is cute boots.  Plus it is hot and sunny outside.

These last August days always feel like a gift of letting go of old routines and responsibilities and I always feel so good, slightly tanned and ready to go. Ready to tweak. Ready to begin again…

How about you?  Ready for a new little sumthin, sumthin?  Whatever you are in the mood for, give us a call.  We, at ESMÉ are currently tweaking and refining as we evolve into our next and best beautiful and we are in the business of helping you do the same, whatever that means to you.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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