Oh Yes You Can…

Oh Yes You Can

There is a very not-so-fine line between just getting the job done and us, here at ESMÉ.  We (who get to get to our lovely jobs, where we get to get to work and where we get to hang out with you, our lovely clientele) are a very lucky lot.

It is always cool days.

Our facial witch sees so many incredible faces and she will be the first to tell you that each and very one of those/your faces is unique and special, for all kinds of beautiful reasons. It is why and where she gets to work her magic. Speaking of witches, Angela is now known as the brow witch around here. Just saying.

Our ESMÉ nail artists are always coming up with new ways to do new things and/or more refined ways to enhance the classic looks.  We have this freaking remarkable array of colors and finishes for you to choose from and it is so fun to watch you, our beautiful clients, make the one you choose your own. Your style. Your way. Your beautiful.

We all have our own style, even for lake-jumping.

Make the most of these days. Do it.  Jump.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful

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