Keep Getting Your Naked On…


The heat wave continues; only interrupted by surprise drops in temperature, odd hail demo’s and/or the occasional thunderstorm.  In Calgary terms, it is a heat wave.  So we, here at ESMÉ, are continuing on with our theme of bits-and-pieces naked because that can change week by week, depending on your bits and pieces.  It is not set in stone.

Should you catch yourself in a hailstorm moment, come on in for a spray tan! Facials are just as important in the summer (for entirely different reasons) so talk to our experts and decide what is right for your beautiful face.  Pretty ESMÉ toes are a feature point in the summer so let them out!  Let them glow! Let them shimmer!  Or not.  Let them matte…

And should you decide to you-naked just another naked-bit (not naked-naked, just saying) give us a call!

PS It is true!  There will soon be a second ESMÉ in our beautiful city and we will be ESMÉ to the power of two = ESMÉ YAY!!   Stay tuned…

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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