Get Your Naked On…

NAKED Shoulder

We are supposed to be in for a hot and sunny weekend.  Which makes us, here at ESMÉ, want to get just a little bit more naked.  Not naked-naked (not at work anyway); but bits-and-pieces naked, like thigh-naked, knee-naked, shoulder-naked…

I am doing toe-naked for sure.  My pedicure is six hours fresh and yes, I did the matt top coat and yes, it is very cool.  I have fresh ESMÉ flowers on my (used to be naked) table and Calgary Folk Fest starts today!  Hello Summer!

Your version of naked-naked may just be a little too much information for our ESMÉ ears but, if we can help we are, as usual, waxing, styling, facial-ing and creating nail art (among other things) so give us a call if you want a fix of ESMÉ-ness in your life.

Happy Summer (naked or not)!

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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