Happy Calgary Stampede!


It is that time of year people!  Calgary Stampede is upon us!

There are three Calgary Stampede camps: HELL YES, HELL NO, AND (my personal favorite) HELL, ONLY IF I FEEL LIKE IT.

We dabblers will occasionally wear our hats and boots and are more interested in knowing if there will be free wine, civil behavior and cutely plated beef-on-a-bun.

The HELL NO-ER’s do not (and will never) own hats or boots; don’t care if there is free wine; and have assumed that civil behavior is not on the table because they tried, and there is no damn table.

The HELL YES-ER’s will live in their hats and boots for the next 10 days, don’t care what they are damn drinking (wine, what wine?), have assumed civil behavior is optional and are clear that they will make game time decisions, thank you very much.  Plus, they don’t damn care if there is no damn table.  Damn tables are for Stampede amateurs…

Did you know that we have a facial witch on staff?  Seriously magic.  And adaptable to all three camp faces.

Boots or no boots, we seriously want to help you put your best foot forward.  Did you know that we carry matt polish?

Our masseuse is a genius! Keep that in mind if your two-stepping gets the best of you.

YEE HAW!!!!!

ESME ́ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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