Happy Summer Solstice!

Nails and flowers june wk 4

Today is the summer solstice which marks the official beginning of summer and it is the longest day-light day of the year. And so it begins.  Summer.  Yay!  It also brings a close to the ESMÉ Official Celebrate Your Beautiful Month, but it is not over quite yet.

All week, we have been sharing/bragging about our beautiful ESMÉ team, each one unique and each one mad-talented. We all, like you, are uniquely individual and yet, here at ESMÉ, we have one thing in common: Your beautiful and bringing it to life, just the way you like it.

Your summer beautiful is different from you winter beautiful and without the parkas and insulated boots, there is more of you to show off and celebrate.  We’ve got you covered (like, NOT literally and neither should you, just saying…).

The ESMÉ Floral Team is losing it’s every-loving mind with all of the delicious, intoxicating blooms flowing through our hands and we are proud, proud, proud to be the second runner up for the Best of Calgary, Best Flower Shop 2018.  THANK YOU!!!

ROSÉ on a patio is an ESMÉ favorite.  So are pedicures on the patio (our ESMÉ patio, btw).  Come and see us soon!

ESME ́ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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