Like Seriously…Celebrate YOUR Beautiful

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful...

A couple of people have asked me what it actually means to Celebrate Your Beautiful, like they want to get it right before they do.  There is some resistance. some over-thinking that says there must be outside proof before the celebration.

Look at that you that gets your ass out of bed every single day, to go do what you do. That. Love those tootsies that get you there. (We can help with that, just saying).  Look at that you that puts your best face forward.  That.  Love that. (We do).  Look at that you that loves your kitty cat or your bestie or that double tea-bag-Earl-Grey-double-honey-hello that you give yourself every freaking morning. That. That. That.

ESME ́, in Old French, means ‘esteemed or loved’.  We chose the name because we believe that this is what beauty is about: Esteem, self-esteem and love; loving all that is beautiful about ourselves and our lives.

Happy Celebrate Your Beautiful Month!  Come see us soon…

ESME ́ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

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