Life is Beauty Full

Life is Beauty Full

ESMÉ has decided that June is Celebrate Your Beautiful Month (aka NOT Self-Improvement Month).  We see it more as an opportunity to tune-in and tune-up your you-ness to beautifully enjoy the summer.

There are so many ways to look at beauty and the best place to start is by aligning you with you and your version of your beautiful.  Yes, beauty is on the inside but it is also on the outside.  Just look in the mirror…

We are stocked up with spring colors; our patio is spring-i-fied; and, our shop is spring cleaned and ready to go. Book in and come and see us soon.

Effective June 1, we are launching our referral and pre-booking program.  Whenever you refer a new customer to ESMÉ you will be gifted a $20 credit to apply to your next full price service. And, when you are in and you pre-book your next appointment, we will credit you 15% (from the current visit) toward your next appointment/full price service.

Thank you to our amazing community.  It is always a privilege to welcome you into ESMÉ and we look forward to seeing you soon.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind Of Beautiful.


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