Happy Birthday ESMÉ !!


Esmé Beauty and Floral Bar is three years old this week! WOO HOO!!!

We are celebrating what we set out to do three years ago, which is to do our bit in celebrating YOUR kind of beautiful. It is why we carry a crazy array of colours for your nails (and our crazy talented nail artists are more than happy to show off their mad skills).  Our facials are divine and our lash and brow specialists are the talk of the town.  Waxing? Why yes!   Massage? Hell yes!

Our in-store products are carefully chosen to align with OUR kind of beautiful and our whole team of Esmé Beauty Professionals is dedicated to YOUR kind of beautiful. Esmé Floral creations are beautifully springing up in lovely restaurants and retail locations across the city.  THANK YOU!!

More than anything, we are celebrating our remarkable community.  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU.  THANK YOU.

Our commitment is to you feeling your beautiful.

Esmé Beautiful.  YOUR kind of Beautiful.

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