Kindness is a Lifestyle


This week, in honour of ESMÉ Official KINDNESS Month, I set out for/in kindness.  I saw kindness everywhere; in slobbery dogs, open doors and delicious friends.  But then…. I went to a will-not-be-named coffee shop on Tuesday and met up with the grump behind the counter.  I thought I would blast kindness at him but actually I pretended it was kindness; it may have rhymed more with Truck-Ewe-Ness, though I fake smiled.

I left there mad and my coffee seemed to suck and I was about to give up on the whole thing (and blame it all on him) because apparently Mr. Grumpy-Pants did not get the memo.  I remembered that kindness is kind and I could kindly leave him with his grump and enjoy my coffee and me.  I chose kindness.

There is power in kindness.  Kindness thrives.  Kindness nurtures.  Kindness is kind.

April is ESMÉ Official KINDNESS Month.

Your kind of beautiful. ESMÉ BEAUTIFUL

PS We have coffee, a very kind coffee xoxo













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