Feeling YOUR Beautiful

Snow busYesterday morning a school bus got stuck in the slushy snow in front of my house. After spinning her tires approximately 542 times the driver paused when a van (yes a van) arrived and a man emerged and attached a chain to pull her out. Then the van got stuck and, after spinning his tires approximately 327 times, the driver got out a shovel, etc. and got unstuck and drove to the other side of the road. Then another, bigger school bus arrived and they pulled the chain back out and tried again and then the second school bus got stuck. The driver spun his tires approximately 207 times and then they got out the shovel, etc. and got the second bus unstuck. Then, two hours after it all began a tow truck arrived. The professional tow truck driver attached a professional towing mechanism and professionally towed the school bus out of the snow.

The moral of the story is to let the professionals do what the professionals do.

At ESMÉ, our talented team of beauty professionals is supported by our in-house experts-in-the-field and we offer a remarkable variety of aesthetics services to meet your needs. Our professionals are ESMÉ trained; our product line is diverse and includes our very own ESMÉ Creations.

Our commitment is to you feeling your beautiful.

ESMÉ Beauty Bar. One Stop Beautiful.

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