In the Mood for Spring…

Flower Wreath

The snow white bunnies that run around my neighbourhood are browning up and I saw a ROBIN. With only 4 feet of snow left on my front lawn and given that we have officially experienced the first day of spring, I think it is safe to say it is upon us (ignore the snow that may come later today…).


If your toes are anything like my toes, they will be wanting a little exposure to the air after all these months wrapped up in sensible boots. Think a pretty pedi and wave your toes in the air!

Our brilliant nail artists are really, really wanting to show off a bit and make your nails your kind of spring beautiful. Come on in for an Esmé mani and wave your hands in the air!

If you are ready to turn your winter frown upside down, come in for one of our remarkably rejuvenating facials. Or micro-blading. Or luscious lashes.

Are your muscles in need of de-winterizing as well? Feeling like a massage will do the trick? We’ve got your back.   Like, literally…

Our Esmé flower arrangements and planters are blooming up all over town and we would love to make a special one just for you.

Esmé is beyond excited about spring. Check out all we have to offer to get you in the mood, The Spring Mood.

Your kind of beautiful. ESMÉ Beautiful

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