spring 2018

The first day of Spring is March 20.  Next Tuesday.  The actual, official Spring Equinox is at 10:15am on Tuesday.   Put it in your calendar and, at 10:15am on Tuesday, wave your hands in the air!!

We have experienced a grueling* (*trying or taxing to the point of exhaustion  – MERRIUM WEBSTER Definition) winter and we are grueled* (*taxed to the point of exhaustion with winter – ME Definition.  PS. I made that word up).

And now there is a weather warning for freezing rain and a heavy snowfall.  Seriously?  Again?  Still???  MAKE IT STOP!

Let’s do this thing.  Let’s band together and bring in SPRING.   PULEEEEASE.

Because, the way I figure it, the SPRINGIER we get, the SPRINGIER it must be…

As usual we, at Esmé, have your (cold) freaking back.  Come on in for a nourishing facial.  Our Spring nail colors are delicious.  The essential oils we use are primed up and ready to sooth your shattered nerves.

Let’s say goodbye to winter, hello to spring and here’s to looking and feeling all-beautiful.  Your version of beautiful.   Esmé Beautiful.

PS  Think…Esmé Spring Bouquets, Esmé Spring Outdoor Pots…














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