Appreciation Tastes Better


The food we eat definitely impacts our body but the way we eat has an effect as well and we can have such a crazy relationship with our food. This week, try engaging differently. The intention to touch, see, feel, smell and taste anything you eat will take you to a different experience with the parts of your body that do the touching, seeing, feeling smelling and tasting.

Wouldn’t you rather moan (just a little bit) first thing in the morning, as you take that first sip of a French dark roast or a Gunpowder Green Tea?  What if, in the middle of your Friday morning, you have a secret smile on-the-inside because only you know what your mouth is experiencing with the 70% Belgian chocolate?

I have eaten food all over the world and it tasted best when I was eating it with people that I love because I love them.  I have eaten everything from pizza to pate in a cold, pretentious way and, when I have eaten anything in appreciation and awe…

I know that appreciation tastes better.



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