Skin Smarts for Crazy Winter Days


Apparently the relative humidity of Calgary is less than that of the Sahara Desert, which actually means that Calgary is sometimes drier that the Sahara Desert. Add that to winter temperatures in the -20’s and -30’s PLUS a potential wind-chill factor taking it close to the -40’s and your skin is faced with extreme conditions, to say the least.

Water is your friend. The obvious and often repeated advice is to hydrate. A lot. Water nourishes every cell in the body and is an essential element of any beauty regimen, inside and out. When you cleanse your face in the morning and evening, use warm water, not hot. Too much hot water can break down the lipid barrier and in this weather you really, really need your lipid barrier.

Moisturize your body from the inside by eating healthy fats and include an Omega-3 supplement every day. Eat the healthy foods that suit you. If you eat meats, keep them lean and eat your veggies. If you only eat veggies, make sure you are getting all your nutrients. Eat with appreciation and love.  Plus hydrate…

Moisturize your body from the outside.  All of your skin, including on your feet and hands, needs a boost.  Your beautiful face will appreciate your adding little extras (like a serum or nurturing oil) to your moisturizing routine and carry lip balm with you always. Remember to coat your lips at night as well.  A hydrating facial is a wonderful and nurturing indulgence.

We are here to support you this season (and always).     Check us out at Esme Beautiful.

~Jill Forsyth~

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