Getting Ready For a New Year, Part 4 Do a Look-Toward



Here are links to Getting Ready for A New Year, Part 1Part 2 and Part 3.

Part 4. Do A Look-Toward

Make a decision about the direction you want to take your life in this year. Look toward that. If the choices that worked in the past are supporting you in creating your kick-ass life, keep making them. Tweak as you go along. If not, make new choices instead of attempting to fix the choices that came before; those choices were based on past data.

Success is a series of countless choices that can generally be answered with either HELL YES or No, thank you and there is no formula or map that shows the singular path for everyone. It is a going forward, a going toward path. A map or a list advising everyone to take the next left January 1st, turn right on April 11th and follow the traffic circle on November 17th has little value. It has no way of knowing what else you will know when you know it.

You don’t need a map.
You need a compass and you are it.  Trust yourself.

Review your HELL YES! list and note if anything is dependent on another person’s behaviour and/or see if you are waiting for some something to make you feel….
Modify as necessary. For example:

“I want to go to Africa and touch an elephant. With Dave (or a Dave). Which will make me feel loved. Which will make me feel happy.  Which will make me feel appreciated.”
“I want to go to Africa and touch an elephant. HELL YES Cool. If (a Dave) wants to join me, HELL YES Cool. If not, if it may be on his (a Dave’s) No, thank you list. So what.  I want to go to Africa and touch an elephant. HELL YES, HELL YES Cool anyway.”
I feel loved, just because I do. I feel happy, just because I said.

Remember the Rules:

  1. You must do this with kindness, compassion and respect for yourself.
  2. You must raise your right hand and repeat, repeatedly: I was born worthy.
    *You may do this with your inside voice; just do it often.
  3. You must assume that you have an angel designate that has your back.
  4. You must agree to share with other people only if you want to. Privacy is allowed.
  5. You must remember Rule 1.

Happy 2018.  Know you are loved…

~Jill Forsyth~


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