Getting Ready for a New Year, Part 3 Do a Look-Forward

In case you missed them, here are links to Getting Ready for A New Year, Part 1 and Part 2

First things first…

henry-be-239191Happy Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  The moment of the Winter Solstice happens at the same instant for all of us; when you acknowledge or experience it depends on your time zone and/or you. COOL. COOL. COOL.   In honour of Winter Solstice, take out your No, thank you list from last week and rip it into little bits and throw it out. Or burn it… (as long as you are above 18 and can do this in a safe fashion).

Be done with it. You identified some things that don’t serve you plus you got to say No, thank you with no explanations and no justifications. This is a very good skill to take with you into your New Year as No, thank you opportunities present themselves (and they always will because they always do).


 Part 3. Do a Look-Forward (See Image Below Re:  Rule 3…)


Part 3…

Again, the Rules.

  1. You must do this with kindness, compassion and respect for yourself.
  2. You must raise your right hand and repeat, repeatedly: I was born worthy.
    *You may do this with your inside voice; just do it often.
  3. You must assume that you have an angel designate that has your back.
  4. You must agree to share with other people only if you want to. Privacy is allowed.
  5. You must remember Rule 1.

Take a sheet of paper and this time title it HELL YES!

To set the stage, I want to remind us all that we live on a big round rock that floats in space. Cool. Occasionally, fierce winds blow our oceans into a frenzy and, in spite of floating in space, the water settles back in and the fish just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Very cool. In spite of the floating-in-space thing our feet, generally speaking, stay on the ground. All of which is, for me, freaking cool (and miraculous).

For you, for next year, what would be really, really cool? Like, HELL YES cool. Allow your angel designate to whisper in your ear (See Rule 3). Your angel designate has your back, your front, your YOU.  HELL YES cool (and miraculous) is in their job description. This week see what shows up for your HELL YES! list (not what you can think up based on what you have always thought). The word reasonable has no place here and it is not the time to contemplate any how’s.

Do you want to hit the karaoke stage and belt out a little Celine Dion? HELL YES!

Finish that novel? Start that novel?  Put it on the list.

If you are 27 and you always wanted to be the winner of your Grade 7 spelling bee then yes, that ship has sailed. But if that passion still burns inside of you, see if you can transform it from longing and regret into an opportunity. What about Wheel of Fortune?  HELL YES!

Art Class? University Class? First Class? HELL YES!

Some people like to share their list and some people like to keep it private (see Rule 4). Trust you. Have fun. Scare and surprise yourself.

As always, Rule 2.

Next Week, Part 4 of 4.  Look Toward

~Jill Forsyth~

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