Getting Ready For a New Year, Part 2 Do a Look-Around

emile-victor-portenart-362935In case you missed it last week, here is a link to Getting Ready for A New Year, Part 1.

As a reminder, here are the rules.

  1. You must do this with kindness, compassion and respect for yourself.
  2. You must raise your right hand and repeat, repeatedly: I was born worthy.
    *You may do this with your inside voice; just do it often.
  3. You must assume that you have an angel designate that has your back.
  4. You must agree to share with other people only if you want to. Privacy is allowed.
  5. You must remember Rule 1.

Part 2.  Do A Look-Around

Part 2 can be particularly challenging because it is the time to bring awareness to the behaviours, beliefs, habits, etc, that you do not like about yourself and/or that do not serve you.

Which is completely NOT the same as you not liking you. (See Rule 2).

Take a sheet of paper and title it No, thank you. (See Rule 4).

Imagine that you are at “The Buffet Table of Life” and, as you look at all that is in front of you, you see something you don’t like about your personal experience (for example, dating douche-bags and believing it is better than not dating at all or believing that those are your only two choices). Imagine this takes on the form of a large platter of Liver & Onions and you don’t like Liver & Onions. Ick.

This time, instead of beating yourself up; screaming and crying; reliving your past experiences with Liver & Onions (and then telling everyone who will listen); explaining why you lash out when you simply see a freaking onion and then feeling shame for your inability to control yourself (or Liver & Onions), just write it on the list. Liver & Onions. No, thank you.

Scan that table again. Does that plate of Stale Sushi remind you of the endless airtime you give to that person who constantly complains? Perhaps that person is you? **I committed to this one about ten years ago and I actually lost a couple of friends. It turned out that if we were not complaining, we had nothing to talk about.**

Add it to the list. No, thank you.

Keep going.  If you are going all judge-ey on yourself, read all the rules again. This is list time, not fix time (and PS, this is not about fixing anything as nothing is broken…Rule 2 , Rule 2, Rule 2). This is no time for Buffet Anxiety either. Walk on past the fake cheese. Send love to the Smoked Salmon (it reminds you that you have your back).

Any Decades Old Grudges? What about Way Boring Drama?   Long Held Resentments from Grade 3-ish? Ick. Ick. Ick. No, thank you. No, thank you. No, thank you.

Take the week and pay attention. You will find at least one thing that you have totally and completely justified and, when given enough light, you will be willing to put it on the list. (See Rule 1).

Remember Rule 5.

Next week, Part 3. Look Ahead. Claim Your Vision for Your New Year.


~Jill Forsyth~










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