Many recent studies indicate that healthy saturated fats are in fact, protective to not only the heart, but also the liver.

The ‘cholesterol myth’ as it has been referred to, is the reasoning that diets should be low in fat to reduce heart disease. Cholesterol is not, in fact the problem, rather, it’s low fat diets and processed foods, where the fat is taken out and replaced with….SUGAR-say what!!??

Sugar = inflammation in the body, and in turn chronic diseases have increased significantly since we were advised that low fat diets were healthy. Inflammatory diseases are still on the rise. When there is inflammation in the arteries, unhealthy fats become trapped=buildup.

Fat is a macronutrient-like protein and carbs. It is necessary for our bodies to function optimally. Fat is an amazing energy source! We need fat for our cell membranes, hormones and hormone building, children require fat for development-especially reproductive systems, immunity, and for strong bones and teeth.

60% of our brain is cholesterol, and our cell membranes are made out of fat, so its crucial that our bodies get the fat needed for our cells to communicate.

We need fats so our bodies can absorb minerals and fat soluble vitamins A, E, D, K, which all support a healthy gut and digestive tract, immunity, bones and teeth and those fats help just absorb, assimilate and metabolize minerals.

Fat is also a necessary component of insulin production. Eating healthy fats slows absorbtion of foods at mealtime, and in turn we feel fuller for longer, and this helps balance blood sugar.

Keep in mind when making food choices…trans fats displace healthy fats! Eating whole, unprocessed foods, that are organic and local as much as possible, will help you become the healthier you!

Eating healthy fat, aids our metabolism, nervous systems, it also balances hormones and aids in weigh loss-so hell ya, eat fat, shred fat!

There are so many reasons to eat healthy fats, and I can assure you this will not be the last article surrounding this gem.

Below is a very quick, simple recipe for a healthy snack/dessert and is great for everything I’ve mentioned in this article!

*refridgerate a can of organic coconut milk for 1 hr or more.
*open, and scoop the heavy cream into your mixer
*whip for 2 mins
*this is when you can add vanilla bean, cinnamon, etc…get creative!
*scoop into bowls and add fresh or frozen organic berries!

{p.s.-can you imagine the variations on this!? cocoa powder, or lemon zest, or shredded coconut, or date puree, omg-the possibilities.}

-Your heart and soul will love you for this!

Lise Johnson

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