Recommended Read:

{The Biology Of Belief}

As I read this book again for the second time, I find more inspiration! It’s one I just have to share. Whether you already understand how a healthy mind equates to a healthy body, or you’re a bit skeptical about how the power of thought can heal our bodies, this book is a good read.

Bruce H. Lipton, author of The Biology Of Belief, gives such detail in his writing. He bridges the gap between science and spirit so perfectly, that in my opinion, he can persuade even the skeptics, who don’t believe that our cells can respond to our thoughts and have an impact on our health, that in fact they can. He explains how, scientifically, we are not victims of our genes.

Bruce Lipton prefers to call his book a “self-empowerment” book, rather than a “self-help” book, and that seems perfectly fitting to me.

Throughout the chapters, Lipton discusses “smart” cells and how they control our bodies, how genes do not control our biology, how the cell membrane is the true brain of cellular operations, quantum physics, how our positive or negative thoughts and emotions can control our physical biology and how to change certain pathways in the brain, and conscious parenting-so we can better influence our children and lead them on a path towards their own self-empowerment!

“It is my sincerest hope the you will recognize that many of the beliefs propelling your life are false and self-limiting and you will be inspired to change those beliefs. Understanding on a scientific level how cells respond to your thoughts and perceptions illuminates the path to personal empowerment.”

-Bruce.H. Lipton


Get it, and a cuppa-something hot, and enrich your life!

Author: Lise Johnson

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