“A” is for apple.

The apple. A common household staple, and a notable whole food. Apples can be somewhat underestimated in their nutritional value, and are sometimes slandered because they are on the list of produce with heavy pesticide residues. Just another reason to support local farmers and markets, and get to know what is on your food, right?  If your apples are waxed, better to remove the skin. Otherwise, find organic and chemical free whenever possible.

An apple a day, eaten with the skin has nearly 17 percent of the daily recommended amount of dietary fiber! They reduce inflammation and promote overall healthy in the intestinal tract.

They phytochemical found in apples called quercetin has strong immune and anti-inflammatory properties. Apples can help detoxify metals in the body, clean the bladder, lower blood cholesterol, blood pressure and stabilize blood sugar. They also support healthy glowing skin!

Apples contain vitamin C, some B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, and more.

Right now, some folks may be finished the last of their apples from the early fall harvest. Others may have an abundance of them. Don’t let them go to waste. Eat them whole, juice them, bake with them, ferment them with your kraut! Make apple buttuh. Get creative!


How’ you like them apples?

{Check out the clean fifteen and the dirty dozen for an up to date list of produce that will indicate which fruits/veggies are best bought organic, or safe to eat even when they are not.}

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