Day 30-Reflection


30 Days of Ink.

My last entry. (Last journal that will post to Esme, anyways).All I can think about is reflection. A look back over the past 30 journals. What does reflection mean to me? Of course, it’s looking back, and remembering what I’ve been through. But on a deeper level, it means I’m ready to see if i’ve held myself accountable. Have I followed through with my goals, and challenges? I’d say for the most part, yes.

I’ve been finishing books, eating clean, exercising, meditating, taking more time for myself. I have not done as much yoga as I would have liked to, and have not journaled as regularly as I would have liked to either. But that’s ok.

I feel more filled with gratitude than ever before. The generosity, love and acceptance I feel daily from family and friends is beyond any thank you’s. The beauty of this province is divine. The way that the stars have begun to align make my heart feel warm.

I feel so deeply, the body-mind-spirit connection. Healthy mind, healthy body is a for real thing, and it’s always in the forefront of my mind. I’m going to continue to feed my healthy state of mind through good clean whole foods, people, places, and life choices.

Meditation and consciousness in connection with staying grounded is an action that has made the big move to B.C. so smooth. Without a sense of feeling grounded to the earth, my soul would feel utterly lost. I’m grateful for the ability to connect and ground. To find solitude among chaos.
Quiet amidst the noise.
Mother earth keeps me on solid ground-I guess not just figuratively, but literally also. I’ve been spending lots of time as I promised myself, outdoors, barefoot when I can, breathing in fresh air.
I continue to find alone time-even for 5 minutes here or there. It’s where I’m the most comfortable. It’s just me, in my skin, with my thoughts and heart. Sweet escapes!

While I know I will be forever on the “who am I really” journey, I’m enjoying being able to better “define me”. Nothing grows confidence like knowing yourself. Spending time with family, and building clan is helping me feel connected and a part of something special on this earth.
I’m not any closer to any information about my birth family, but with little critters of my own, I find beauty in knowing that what I have is enough.
My heart is full.

Life is all about balance. When I reflect on some of the challenges I had facing balancing career, family, and self love, I recognize how far I’ve come. I have given myself permission to say no to things. I allow myself “me” time. I try to just focus on the moment at hand. Being present. I’ve been able to relax into the beautiful moments of life, and let things go. It’s so much easier to maintain balance that way.

Forward momentum.
I have written a few times about feeling a strong momentum that is propelling me forward. I have sowed seeds. Little tiny soul seeds that I’m nurturing and will harvest when the time is just right. Creativity has been flowing for upcoming projects that frighten and excite me at the same time! I continue to try to nurture my creative expression, and balance my throat chakra. It’s all about confidence, will power, truth, communication and the power of the spoken word-all strengths I will require in moving forward with what I’m really passionate about doing with my career.

I love reflecting on love.
I’m blessed to have more time to spend with my husband Stacy. Thanks to family and friends again, who graciously watch our kids, we are able to get a little bit more back to “us”. We value our time together. We are lovers first, friends second, parents, aunt/uncles, etc…but always lovers first.
Roots. Always remembering roots in a loving relationship. Where we fell in love, our favourite places new discoveries, laughter, and growth-together, and as individuals.

I still need to work on getting more sleep-as I stay up late to write this journal. This is an ongoing work in progress, and usually is a bit of a yo-yo looking pattern. Sometimes I’m getting ample rest, and other times I am so busy I wish sleep was a choice rather than a necessity. As I settle in better here in B.C, I foresee more of a routine, early-to-bed sleep schedule.

Whew. That was a lot to take in. Good run!

{Going forward}

In moving forward, this quote seems to sum things up nicely..

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