When life gets put on hold…

This is where I am at today in my life. The 30 days of Esme Ink has been on a hold for far too long, and it was never intended to be a long drawn out project. It was intended to be 30 journals, within 30 or more days, keeping me in check and being vulnerable-inspiring people to do the same, or to just follow along.
Life has changed, and things were put on hold until today.

My family and I have relocated to beautiful British Columbia. Over the past 6 months, whether we were moving B.C., or staying in Calgary, was an on again/off again possibility that so quickly turned into a monumental, provincial move. With a closing date of 2 weeks, It all still seems like a dream. It some times hits me-“Wow. We are really here!” But for the most part, We all still feel a bit overwhelmed, displaced (while we search for a home that we can call our own), and a bit scared.

What do I miss the most? Being a part of something special. Esme is special. And I realize it now even more being away. The concept. The people. The surroundings. Angela’s passion to create something unique. But I bring a piece of all of that with me, in my heart and it inspires me as I move forward.

This is the life journey I’ve needed. A shake up. A wake up. A breath of fresh air-literally, this mountain air I have missed!
So, needless to say, life has sort of been on hold for a few months now until we knew exactly what was happening. Now, to move forward for REAL.
These next weeks are going to be a time of spiritual growth, a test of personal strength and patience. It’s going to require a lot of effort, positivity, and passion.
It’s an opportunity to push my career to the next level.
I’m going to
“Mount my mission!”
Take control, and grow.

How am I going to keep my self in check? Physical self care through exercise. Hiking, running, yoga, work outs.
Adaptogens-yes please
Surrounding myself with only positive humans
Ample sleep
Good quality whole foods

My mantra today is a very simple one, and I will apply this to everything I do.
There is so much to be done, and in order to stay stress free, and calm, this mantra will help simply my life in the upcoming week(s).

I will,
Where I am.
What I have.
What I can”

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