#ESMEINK :”Being Quiet + Letting Go ” Day 14


Today I feel there are not many words. I’m a bit stuck picking a topic, and nothing has outright slapped me in the face to inspire me like in the past week.
So I leave it short and sweet today, simply checking in with my self. And I feel content. Happy. Somewhat more grounded and calm. I’m grateful. I’m at peace.

It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, hard work, chaos, hardship, struggle, etc… It means to be in the midst of all of those things and still find
calm in your heart.

{Lise-Marie Johnson}

….Hi, I’m Bekah Glass – and I write and manage this beautiful blog for Esme.

Along this #ESMEINK journey with Lise – each and every time I receive her journal entries – I am not only captured by her vulnerability – but also encouraged to share my own truth. There is such freedom in sharing ourselves with others – the victories, defeat, and grey confusing areas of every day life. I have felt the kind push of my heart and soul to begin sharing my own stories with you…and although today – Lise found a blockage in her writing … I wanted to jump in and add on to her above journal entry…I may ramble, but hopefully i somewhat make sense…

In the midst of the chaos of life – quieting ourselves is one of the most powerful tools we hold control over. I grew up learning scripture in the southern US – the “bible belt” – and although I feel I’ve veered off the path of rigidness within religion- I still find life-giving truths from the things I’ve learned along the way. One of my favourite verses as a young adult was Psalm 46:10:

“Be STILL and KNOW that I am God.”  

I have always struggled with the voices that surround me. I have found significance in others approval of me and great sensitivity towards negativity and judgement. The reason I always loved this scripture was because it calmed me – it reminded me to stop, regain perspective, block the voices of others, and be silent. However, recently I learned that the Hebrew meaning of this scripture actually does not mean to “BE QUIET” – but to “LET GO”…  this changed everything for me.

I am currently in battle with letting go of so many things – my past, my mistakes, who others EXPECT me to be, and who I MYSELF have expected to become.

Letting go is not losing your voice, goals, or heart … it is simply granting yourself a little more grace.

Grace is one thing we all need to give freely with zero restraint…

especially to ourselves. 

So – stop, be still, have real conversations with your heart – ask yourself the tough, piercing questions… but also let go of the HINDERING energy, expectations…the PRESSURE. When we step into the space of allowing ourselves freedom to be quiet and explore – we cultivate vulnerability and get to know our own hearts.

Never quiet the longings within yourself – but try to let go of the pressure and restraint. Allow yourself to wander, learn, be curious…and also figure out what is best to release the power & control over ….to LET GO OF…we tend to find these answers in the quiet moments we spend with ourselves.

Let go and dive into yourself. Unrelentingly. Passionately. Unapologetically.

We invite you to join along with us in this personal journey of pouring out – we want to learn with you. A tribe of others that seek truth, personal growth, and new lessons – is such a beautiful group to be apart of….Please share your stories, struggles, and triumphs with us.


#ESMEINK Journal Entry by Bekah Davis Glass & Lise-Marie Johnson


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