#ESMEINK : “Gratitude” Day 5



Lately, the more grateful I feel, the more present I become.

Today I feel grateful for Clan. I understand that building a clan, or tribe, has nothing, and everything to do with blood.

I have been accepted, from birth, by an unconditionally loving, generous, kind family. And since then, have built amazing friendships in different places I’ve lived, and within my husband and children. I’ve had values instilled in me because of them, that I cherish, and will be eternally grateful for.

I have a life long dear friend, K. B., whom, since childhood has stood by me, and watched me make mistakes, and accepted all of my choices and beliefs. I love her through and through. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, and connected. She is as loyal as a friend comes, and will forever be in my life.

My husband Stacy, is my best friend. I have never been able to be completely myself around anyone else. 100% on, to 100% off of my game, and everything in between. Soul mate. Forever. Our love is a topic all on it’s own.

My children enrich my life every day. They have taught me most of all, patience. I’ve learned how to be strong for someone other than myself. In fact, I’ve learned to live for others first. I understand unconditional love for the first time ever, for real. It can’t be explained. It is a miracle.

I’m grateful that I’ve had ugly relationships. It’s how I deeply appreciate these amazing ones. It’s why I know it’s okay to let go of people that will not fit into my clan. I usually don’t fit into theirs either. It’s how i’ve grown and understood who I am and what I want.

Recently, my soul has been prompting me to reach out and befriend people who I feel I have a connection with. Ones who could become a part of the clan I’m starting to build. People who I want to exchange energy with. It’s not every day that I feel I come across these divine humans, but listening to what the heart/soul needs, makes it easy to make friends.

Today, I’m thankful for relationships, and the ability to grow and build them, as well as the people in my life who have helped mould and shape me into who I am today.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has a cause to think deep gratitude of those who have lit the flame within us.”

Love, and light.

#ESMEINK Journal Entry by Lise-Marie Johnson

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