30 Days of #EsmeInk : A Journey into Ritualistic Self-Love

This is my ideal June morning. Let's pretend it's in Spain to make it even more ideal.:

30 days of INK

{A journey into ritualistic self-love!}

Esme Life invites you to join us, in a journey of self exploration.

An inventory of your soul. We’re calling this 30 day journaling challenge, 30 days of INK {a journey into ritualistic self-love}.

Lise-Marie Johnson is Esme’s C.H.N certified holistic nutritionist. Lise came up with this beautiful idea and we couldn’t be more excited to take a little time to get intentional and reflective. Below Lise has jotted down her heart and thoughts behind the journey ahead: 


          “Holistic nutrition has a large focus on our food. I love the powerful properties of food, and I love even more, feeding my soul what it needs. I’m talking self love, peeps. How do you love yourself?”

          There is a delicate balance in life, that when is off even slightly, it seems that walls can come crashing in around me. I am at a point in my life where my spirit needs growth, nurturing and  self-loving attention. This has inspired me to start this 30 day challenge. I have always loved the ritualistic ideals of self love, self care, self-evolution, and find it hard to always follow through. Let’s face it. Life is busy and ever changing. I am not where I expected to be if your asked me where I thought I would be, even as little as 5 years ago.  If this speaks to you, or if  you already journal/blog,  or if you want to try something new, or if you feel like you are missing balance in your life, or if you feel like this may be something that inspires you, then please, join me in this vulnerable, delicate act of self-loving, soul kissing and cleansing 30 days of growth. I will be {vulnerably} posting my daily writings for viewing. I am not a writer. I am not an editor.  I am simply wanting to find clarity and direction, and grow as a human on this amazing planet, and to hopefully inspire others to do the same with our tiny bit of time we have here.

What I think I will be writing about……Where I am today. Where i’ve been, where I am going. Fears, desires, LOVE, who am I really, vulnerability, goals, accountability, acceptance, and more.

What I’m certain I will write about….. I cannot be sure.

You are more than welcome to follow my topics and write about them yourself, in how they apply to your life. Or take the wheel and write what speaks to your beating heart!

We hope you will take this journey with us.

#ESMEINK begins now…. 


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