[Q&A] : The Power Couple behind OUR DAILY BRETT


[Emily & Brett McDermott]

I had driven past this quaint 14 ST market so many times & the beautifully scrolled words “GOOD HONEST FOOD” that are featured on its outer wall always captured my attention. Whatever “good, honest food” was – became intriguing to me.

You see – I am a married mommy in her early 30’s with a full-time job and blogging on the side duties. I find myself feeling overwhelmed with the daily to-do’s, the juggling of housework, cooking, trying to throw in a little fun or social activity every now and then. You get my drift.

One of the biggest stressors for me has always been to provide healthy, nutritious food for my husband, toddler boy & myself (most of the time)….but there just never seems to be enough time – to shop, prep, & cook.

My situation is one of the driving inspirations behind Brett McDermott’s OUR DAILY BRETT – a modern kitchen concept with catering, dine-in and grab-and-go options created from high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. McDermott says his love of local food and vast travel experiences were mixed with his desire to provide people delicious, healthy options CONVENIENTLY.

That’s where the description “good, honest food” comes from.

ESME LIFE sat down with the lovely couple behind OUR DAILY BRETT, Brett & Emily McDermott – to get  to know them & gain some insight into the inspiration, background and vision behind this yummy market that is refueling locals through their rigorous schedules with nutritious and cleaner grab-and-g0 options.


[OUR DAILY BRETT’s gorgeous display of fresh soups, veggies, & sides]

Besides food – tell us 3 ways you stay healthy?

 “We like to bicycle outside, run, do restorative yoga. On holidays, Brett likes to surf.”

What are the favourite food staples for the McDermotts ?

“We both love fermented foods – kimchi, kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, chutneys. We make a bunch of fermented foods in-house at ODB.”

How do you keep healthy balance in your lives – as new business owners?

“That’s a work in progress – we haven’t totally figured it out yet! Sometimes we’ll set a cut-off time in the evening after which we can’t talk about business – but we often break it.”

For a beginner – learning to eat healthier – what foods would you say to add in first & why? 

“I think a good starting point is incorporating veggies in to the diet. Whether that’s raw veggies paired with a healthy dip (we sell grab-and-go crudite packs at the market with different dips like beet cashew, sunflower seed pate, ranch made with house-made yogurt, etc.) or steamed greens (swiss chard, kale, broccoli) drizzled with sesame oil and tamari. I think the easier / more convenient – the better.”

You both note that your travels inspired menu selections for ODB – can you give a few examples (dish & location that inspired it)?

“After undergrad (about 9 years ago), I lived in South Korea for a year and Brett visited. That’s where we were first introduced to kimchi. We also spent a winter living on an organic farm in upcountry Maui, Hawaii. The farm we lived on was small but grew over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables. The farmers we lived with were very in to fermented and raw foods and that’s where we really got in to krauts, chutneys, chia puddings, etc. We also have fond memories of trips to Costa Rica. Both times we’ve visited we’ve stayed at small hotels owned by Israelis – and loved their use of fresh herbs and tahini. My latest travel adventure was doing a semester of law school in Copenhagen – we came back from Europe pretty smitten with orange and natural wines. That’s our latest interest and you might see a few more natural wines popping up on our catering wine list (although they’re more difficult to find here).”

Favourite seasoning/spice to use & why?

“Fresh herbs from the garden in the summer. As for spices, Brett loves: ras el hanout, smoked paprika, cumin, harissa.”


ESME LIFE will be catching up more with the McDermott’s in the weeks ahead & adding in some of our favourite recipe secrets straight from Brett!

Stop by ODB at  : 2509 14 Street SW . Calgary, Alberta . T2T 3T8  or find out more deets on the delectable dishes at www.ourdailybrett.com



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