Superfoods for Better Sleep


Sleep is said to be one of the very most important things we should be intentional and steadfast in – for our health, mood, and even our looks! But – it’s probably something that a majority of us struggle to make a priority. There’s just ALWAYS something else to accomplish, someone to respond to, or a list to make to keep us just as busy the next day.

On a recent WELL+GOOD post –  Jason Wrobel, a longevity-obsessed raw vegan chef with his own TV show on The Cooking Channel and a roster of celeb fans (think Woody Harrelson and Robin Wright) – shares a list of superfoods that aid in our ability to shut down, relax, and get those VERY MUCH needed zzz’s. Here are a few off his list & his reason for suggesting each food:



“Almonds are high in potassium and B vitamins, which help our nervous systems to relax,” says Wrobel. His super-sleep snack tip? Spread some almond butter on toast with banana slices (another sleep all-star)—no need to count sheep when your head hits the pillow.



Cherries allow the body to release melatonin, which Wrobel calls “the body clock hormone” because it promotes a cycle of falling asleep and waking up naturally. As in, the fruit will help you recalibrate the body when you’re dealing with a bout of jet lag.



Need some more convincing to pile your plate with kale? “Magnesium deficiency is a major cause of insomnia,” warns Wrobel, adding that many Americans don’t get enough magnesium. Good thing this dark, leafy green is packed with the mineral. Yet another reason to throw some kale in to your daily smoothie.



Your sleep cycle’s new best friend? B vitamins. “Chickpeas boast vitamin B6, which is needed to make melatonin,” Wrobel notes, highlighting the legume’s deep sleep-inducing qualities. Munching on chickpeas throughout the day will help your body and your nervous system relax come bedtime, too.

See the rest of the list HERE!

P.S. Go to bed EARLY tonight…just try it!

[images via WELL+GOOD]


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