Earth Day : 5 Ways to Make a Difference.

Rockies, Bow Falls, Banff
Rockies, Bow Falls, Banff



Loving our community & environment is a value that Esme Beauty Bar rallies behind & a subject we are always seeking more knowledge on. We believe in continually trying to decrease our impact on this beautiful planet that we’ve been given.

10’s of millions participate in Earth Day events & activities each year – bringing knowledge and a call to action against pollution, pesticides, oil spills, global warming & deforestation. At times many of us don’t get involved because we simply feel too small to actually be able to make any positive impact on something as huge as our PLANET – but there are some very simple & easy ways you can actually help out in a big way.

Earth Day is the perfect time to personally pledge to start a new good habit!


Here are 5 easy ways you can start loving your planet TODAY: 

1. CONSUME LESS: Our fascination with throwaway packaging and plastic is harming wildlife, the ocean and maybe even ourselves. To decrease waste, purchase durable, long-lasting products that can be reused, refilled or recharged. If you do use disposables, choose those made with recycled/recyclable materials. Just CONSUME LESS STUFF.

2.BECOME A PICKY EATER: Our food system is broken. Industrial agriculture is polluting water, destroying habitat and harming our health. The livestock sector alone contributes to climate change at least as much as all trucks, cars and planes combined! But you can fight back, starting in your own kitchen. Make a personal commitment to help change our food system – from starting a garden, to eating less (or no) meat. (

Organic agriculture limits input of toxic and persistent chemicals in the air, soil and water…and thus in farm workers and your own family. (

3.FLIP THE SWITCH: The most simple step of all. Just turn your lights off – and while you are at it – unplug appliances while not in use.

4.WATCH THE WATER: Taking a shower uses less water than filling a bathtub, and a water-conserving shower head is even better! Keep a big pitcher under the faucet while waiting for the water to warm and use that water for your thirsty plants.

5.BELIVE IN THE POWER OF PEOPLE TO MAKE CHANGE:  Get involved – in your neighborhood, city – in the world around you! Believe and encourage others that each of us has the power to make the world a little better.

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