[ Q&A ] : JUICE BECAUSE Owners Leigh & Elisa


Juice Because is Calgary’s newest fresh-pressed juicery, setting itself apart with unique flavour combinations, gorgeous glass-bottled packaging, and a quirky but personal way of naming each juice – with real people names (i.e. “Norman”, “Betty” or “Hank”).

Juice Because was born out of the idea that you don’t need a reason to do something good for yourself. They strongly believe that choosing a healthy option shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be part of your everyday.


ESME LIFE caught up with the plant-powered friend duo that co-own Juice Because, Leigh Gibney & Elisa Boyd, to find out how they personally keep a healthy & balanced lifestyle while passionately sharing the gospel of juicing as new business owners.

{  Leigh Gibney (L) & Elisa Boyd (R) : Juice Because Co-Owners  }


3 words to describe the core values of the Juice Because company:   “Lifestyle, Education + Quality.”

Besides juicing – name 3 ways you stay healthy?   “Working out, fresh air, & escaping to our cabins.”

Fave nail colour?   “Well, it changes with the season, right now we’re both obsessed with pastels.”

Fave way to pamper yourself?   “Wine + dinner out with friends, a great massage …. mini getaways with our guys.”

Any beauty essentials?   “Face cream and MORE face cream.”

How do you stay balanced as new business owners?    “what balance??”

What is playing in your headphones?     “Anything tropical like kygo.”

How did you you choose the gorgeous packaging/design for Juice Because?    “Glass bottles were always something we wanted for Juice Because. If we are going to make delicious nutrient dense juice we wanted to put it on a bottle that matched that quality. As for design we wanted our bottles to be like an accessory. The label is simple and clean and the logo a cool geometric play on a lemon.”



Which juice should we choose for:

Energy?   Belle
Weight loss? Joan
Hangover? Judy
Sweet tooth craving?    Betty
Breakfast replacement?    Norman

For a more detailed glimpse into juicing info & lingo – or even a clear definition of exactly what cold-pressed juice is or why you might consider trying a cleanse yourself – visit the Juice Because website HERE



[ Author : Bekah Glass ]

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